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Practice Areas

Class Action Practice

The attorneys at Haines Law Group represent employees with respect to most wage and hour claims, including employees experiencing the following types of Labor Code violations:


• Not being paid for overtime work.


• Working off-the-clock without pay.


• Employee misclassification (including misclassifying employees as independent               contractors, and misclassifying non-exempt employees as exempt employees).


• Not being provided with all meal breaks.


• Not being provided all rest periods.


• Not being reimbursed for all work expenses.


• Not being paid all wages.


• Not being paid all commissions.


• Not being paid all vacation time.


• Alternative Workweek Schedule violations (i.e., employees working a 3/12 or 4/10 shift).

Single Plaintiff Practice

In addition to representing employees in class action litigation, the attorneys at Haines Law Group also represent employees in an individual capacity, including employees experiencing the following types of violations:

• Wrongful termination.


• Disability discrimination.


• Failure to provide reasonable accommodation.


• Failure to engage in the interactive process.


• Age discrimination.


• Gender/Sex discrimination


• Pregnancy discrimination.


• Race discrimination.


• Religious discrimination.


• Retaliation for engaging in a protected activity.

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