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KCRW is a listener-supported radio station, broadcasting from Santa Monica College on 89.9 FM, throughout Los Angeles and much of Southern California. KCRW is a groundbreaking organization for music, arts and culture, in addition to hosting culture and music events throughout Southern California. KCRW also broadcasts many well-known programs, such as NPR’s All Things Considered and the KCRW-originated, Morning Becomes Eclectic. Since moving to Los Angeles over a decade ago, KCRW’s music and programming has been a central part of Mr. Haines’ life, and he feels a commitment to ensure that this unique and culturally-important organization has the ability to continue putting out unbiased and forward-thinking programming to the community. Haines Law Group is a proud member of KCRW’s Champion Circle.

Give Me Sight is another organization in which Haines Law Group takes much pride, especially given that the organization was founded by Mr. Haines’ father and ophthalmologist Dr. John H. Haines. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Haines had led 30 mission trips restoring sight to thousands of individuals in the most remote and poverty stricken corners of the globe. Unlike many non-profit organizations, 100% of all donations to Give Me Sight go directly towards restoring vision to those in need. Mr. Haines has had the opportunity to join his father on several of these missions, which have been life-changing experiences.

If you are interested in donating to either of these worthy organizations, Haines Law Group will match all donations dollar-for-dollar. If you are already a donor to KCRW, this is a great opportunity to become an Angel, Archangel, or even a Champion, for half of the normal donation amount. Please contact us at to learn more, or if donating directly to either of these organizations, please let either the organization or our firm know that you have donated in connection with Haines Law Group, to ensure that our firm matches your donation.

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